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Collecting contemporary jewellery

23 September 2011

Expert tips for collecting contemporary jewellery from Kath Libbert at Kath Libbert Jewellery Gallery.

Why is contemporary jewellery so desirable to collect?

Because it gives pleasure in so many ways! First and foremost the thrill of being adorned in something utterly individual. These art jewels usually look fabulous off the body too, and many of my favourites can be found adorning walls at home, giving me an aesthetic boost.

Is it a good investment?

I recommend people choose a piece first because they love to wear and look at it, but if they also want to be sure it will hold or increase in value then look to collect work by already well known jewellery artists who have won international prizes and are already in significant public and private collections. You can ask the gallery for advice on this.

What is the most exciting piece of work you have personally invested in and why?

Very hard to choose just one! Many years ago I bought a wonderful necklace called 'Equilibrium' by Beppe Kessler, a renown Dutch jeweller, made from burnt balsa wood intricately stitched with thread and studded with tiny beads! A delicate delightful piece that I enjoy greatly. Beppe recently won the Herbert Hofmann Prize, the most prestigious accolade in the art jewellery world!

Any tips for collectors?

We annually hold a significant exhibition of carefully selected New British Graduates, many of whom have gone on to become collectable, so a great place to talent spot and invest early in what could be an antique of the future! 'Cool Construct' - Nine New British Graduates will run from 18th November - 30th January 2011.

We also hold regular Collectors' Events at the gallery with speakers as a way of stimulating interest and increasing knowledge in the whole field of collecting contemporary art jewellery.

Are there any other contemporary jewellery events you can recommend visiting over the coming year?

I always go to 'Schmuck' an international art jewellery competition in Munich every March, a fantastic way of seeing all the most exciting new and established talents. 'Collect' at the Saatchi Gallery is also great as it showcases the best of the world's specialist art jewellery galleries.

Don't forget you can use Own Art at the gallery to start your collection!

Kath Libbert Jewellery Gallery Salts Mill Saltaire Bradford BD18 3LA

T: 01274 599790


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