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Bracelet made out of colt revolver pieces.

Bernhard Lehner, belt made from a colt revolver from the Spanish Civil War, sawn in pieces.

Courtesy of the artist and Kath Libbert Jewellery Gallery.

Band ring with rose gold, silver and cherry wood.

Sarah Raffel, 'Louise', rose gold, sterling silver and cherry wood ring.

Photo: Brazen Studios. Courtesy of Brazen Studios.

Owl with vivid dark eyes and beak made from clay.

Guy Holder, 'Crouching Owl', clay finished with slip, oxides and glazes.

Courtesy of the artist and Bluecoat Display Centre.

Heather Woof, Windswept Brooch, hand cut titanium, mild steel.

Courtesy of the artist and New Ashgate Gallery.

Paul Stopler, 'Float', glass.

Courtesy of the artist and New Ashgate Gallery.

The art of craft-making can be defined as an occupation or trade which involves manual dexterity and skilled artistry. A significant advent for the crafts was the 'Arts and Crafts Movement' which flourished in the late 19th and early 20th century. The focus was on good design and craftsmanship at a time when there was increased mechanisation and mass production.

The terms 'applied arts' and 'decorative arts' are used when referring to craft. Applied arts is concerned with the application of design, aesthetics and objects of everyday use. Decorative arts have the same purpose as applied arts (but does not include design).  

A list of some of the techniques used in the production of craft are detailed in our handy guide, here.

Buy and collect contemporary craft

Contemporary craft can be a more accessible and affordable entry point to owning something unique and handmade by an artist or craftsperson.

Be amazed at the variety of methods and materials, traditional and cutting edge techniques that are used in the creation of contemporary craft.

Watch our films with contemporary craft buyers and collectors.

Group items together

With Own Art you can select several lower value items that bring the total purchase price to over £100, as the pricepoint for individual craft items can be much lower than you might expect.  You can then spread the cost of a number of gifts for christmas or if you just can't bear to leave something behind.

There are a whole host of galleries to visit and thousands of original works to choose from, so what are you waiting for?

Help and resources

The Crafts Council offer professional development information for makers, curators and anyone interested in the subject. You should also check out Craftspace, Craft Scotland and Craft Northern Ireland too.

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