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Going to galleries

Hang-Up Pictures Launch. Courtesy of the Gallery.

Hang-Up Pictures Launch. Courtesy of the Gallery.


Interior, Brazen Studios, Glasgow, Scotland.

Courtesy of Brazen Studios, Glasgow.

Wysing Arts Centre, near Cambridge.

Courtesy of Wysing Arts Centre

Interior, Contemporary Ceramics Centre, London.

Courtesy of Contemporary Ceramics Centre.

Midlands Print Exhibition at Tarpey Gallery, Castle Donnington.

Courtesy of Tarpey Gallery.

If you're interested in buying and collecting contemporary art then top of your 'to do' list must be to visit as many galleries, exhibitions and studios as you can. This will help you build up an understanding of your likes and dislikes.

What types of galleries can I expect to find?

Galleries are a great place to explore and are a major point of contact for artists and collectors. They come in all shapes and sizes - from multi-million pound operations showing high profile artists in impressive premises to smaller galleries in rural locations ... and everything in between!

Galleries where you can use Own Art can be found here. You'll see everything from commercial galleries, Local Authrority funded spaces, not for profit organisations and artist associations to specialist art colleges and higher education establishments as well as internet based galleries.

Visiting galleries

When you're visiting, don't be put off by appearances - modest looking spaces can be the most ambitious and even the most imposing looking galleries will be keen to accommodate emerging or smaller scale collectors with affordable works on offer.

On your visit, be inquisitive and approach gallery staff if you have any questions. They're there to help, and will be keen to give advice and share their knowledge and expertise about the works on display.

Remember, galleries aren't all about taking your money either. It's more and more common to find events that are designed to make you feel comfortable at the space and learn more about the gallery and its artists - the purpose of this type of programme goes far beyond the exchange of money for artworks. 

The fun bit!

And, if you're a bit of a socialite then you'll love the exhibition openings and after show parties which you'll soon find yourself being invited to as a result of joining gallery mailing lists and striking up relationships with dealers.

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Hang-Up Pictures Launch. Courtesy of the Gallery.

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