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Starting a Collection

Kirsty Whiten: Hostage prepared for Transit. Image courtesy of Edinburgh Printmakers.

Kirsty Whiten, 'Hostage prepared for Transit'. Image courtesy of Edinburgh Printmakers.

Image courtesy of Edinburgh Printmakers.

Holly Thoburn, 'Jaded' (detail), Mixed media on canvas Signed and dated. 70cm x 70cm x 4cm.

Courtesy of the artist and No Walls.

Fenella Elms, 'Vary Flow', Porcelain. Individually made beads of clay joined to a sheet of porcelain

Courtesy of the artist and New Ashgate Gallery.

Art is the ultimate personal statement.  In many ways your choices in art are a window to your soul.  If you buy the art you love, art that speaks to you, your collection will become a visual collage of who you are.

Artist Jean Willy Mestach once said 'Tell me what you collect, tell me how you collect, and I will tell you who you are'.

Where do I start?

Everyone starts collecting in a different way.  Some people start by buying things that appeal to them, and then slowly work at acquiring knowledge about how to build a collection.  Others may want to develop some background about art and the artists who have created the work before starting to buy.

Denise Collins of the Castle Gallery, Inverness tells us how she started: 'Postcards from museums and art galleries were my first experience of collecting art during my student days'.  From such small beginnings an interest in collecting art can grow.

Kim Canale, artist and curator, started her collection by visiting college degreee shows. She says' Be your own talent scout- it's a wonderful way to develop your taste, and to see artists become successful.'

Find something to love

Take a look at our Art Intelligence section for some inspiration.  You'll find the latest from AXIS, Culture 24, as well as our Own Art News taken from the 300 member galleries across England and Scotland.

Collecting art is a personal thing and once you're bitten by the bug, there's no going back.  The pleasure from seeing the art you love every day will last a lifetime.

Buying for your collection

When it comes to buying for your collection, it's easier than ever with the help of Own Art.  There's no limit to the number of times you can use the scheme, so you could think about buying one or more pieces each year. Once you've taken out your first Own Art loan, it won't be long before you can start thinking about your next purchase!

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