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Fragments - Nine New Graduates Find Their Place

11 October 2013

Annelisse Pfeifer. 'Walks With You', Neckpiece. Courtesy of the maker and Kath Libbert Jewellery Gallery.
Annelisse Pfeifer. 'Walks With You', Neckpiece. Courtesy of the maker and Kath Libbert Jewellery Gallery. -

Although the makers involved in this forthcoming show at Kath Libbert Jewellery Gallery are all from the UK, several of those selected to take part in this year’s prestigious Annual New Graduate Exhibition take their inspiration from foreign travels and techniques that have been used across the globe.

Yorkshire Tea Stains, Scottish lobster creels and Mediterranean vintage kitchen utensils all form the basis for distinctive collections by Nine New Jewellery Graduates each starting out on a creative journey to find their place in the world of contemporary jewellery. We’ve chosen to talk about three of our favourites below, but you can find out about the other six makers here.

‘Fragments from a Journey’ is the title of the enigmatic collection by Annelisse Pfeifer, Birmingham School of Jewellery. For Annelisse, jewellery is a form of dialogue, a medium to connect with others. Subliminally nostalgic, her pieces are a collage of all the places she has explored on her foreign journeys. Metal is the leading material and with it she creates conspicuous sculptural structures meticulously combined with coloured plaster and 'found objects', including old kitchen utensils and distinctive packaging gleaned from the places she visits.

Choosing wood as her medium is Katrine Standahl, Middlesex University, who uses traditional machinery and techniques to carve African Blackwood which she then inlays with gold creating a contemporary collection of lustrous, tactile, hardwearing bracelets.

Heritage and homeland inspire Kelly Munro, Edinburgh School of Art, who was born in a small town on the far north coast of Scotland, well known for its historical fishing industry. Her collection of necklaces, brooches and rings combine intricate saw pierced silver net like structures, the ancient craft of pyrography (burning designs into wood which has been used by cultures across the globe) and painting.

Visit Fragments, Nine New Graduates Find Their Place’ at Kath Libbert Jewellery Gallery from 14 November and start or develop your collection with Own Art.


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