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Get ready for Venice

15 April 2013

Corin Sworn, 'Reaching Up, Around and Through'. MFA, Glasgow School of Art, 2009.
Corin Sworn, 'Reaching Up, Around and Through'. MFA, Glasgow School of Art, 2009. -

The Venice Biennale is an agenda-setting moment, when the most significant trends in art are presented to a huge audience of art lovers, artists, curators, and collectors.

Scotland, in its 10th independent presentation at the biennale, will showcase three artists based in Glasgow: watercolour painter Hayley Tompkins, and film-makers Corin Sworn and Duncan Campbell.

Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art worked with Corin Sworn in 2012 to produce an exclusive edition, so it's possible to collect the work of this special artist, selected for Venice this year, with Own Art.

Sworn is interested in the means by which artefacts are borrowed, adapted and reconfigured to tell various stories. Her work often explores the alternate narratives that cultural products might develop through use. Sworn is interested in hierarchies of attention, the systems that order these and how the erratic nature of subjective perception might undermine them.

In the decade since the Scotland pavilion's creation, six artists shown there have gone on to win, or be nominated for, the Turner prize.

The biennale runs from 01 June - 24 November 2013. For more information see the website.

Look out for a future feature on new editions being launched by Glasgow International Festival for 2013.

W: GI Festival Corin Sworn edition available with Own Art

W: Venice Biennale

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