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Interview with Sophie Noire from Tagsmart ahead of the launch of Tagsmart Connect

18 September 2018

Tagsmart offers Own Art galleries 20% off ‘DNA tags’ and certificates. An exciting British technology company that launched in 2016, as of May 2018 had over 23,000 artworks on their online platform, the Tagsmart Artist Register. They have issued more than 11,000 tags and Certificates of Authenticity for works by nearly 250 contemporary artists. They were noted in the 2017 Deloitte Art and Finance Report as a key new infrastructure development with a “unique” system for issuing highly secure certificates. 

We spoke to Sophie Noire, from Tagsmart Communications & Outreach, ahead of the launch of their new trading platform Tagsmart Connect. Launching in September 2018, this is a partnership with Own Art online gallery as well as ArtSnap and IdeelArt.


OA: Hi Sophie, tell us about Tagsmart Connect.

SN: “We are about to launch a trading platform that will enable artists, online retailers and collectors to trade trusted art. The 2018 Hiscox Report in the online art market talks about how many collectors are afraid of buying a fake.

We’re addressing consumer concerns directly with the introduction of this service. Our technology can help build greater trust for buyers. Our mission is to help the art world trade with trust.”


OA: How does it work?

SN: “Artists can submit works to multiple retailers in one click, retailers get instant access to trusted works, and upon purchase, collectors get highly secure Certificates of Authenticity. Everyone gets an online account to manage their artworks and track provenance with ease.”


OA: How does Tagsmart work with blockchain technology?

SN: “Blockchain is very useful for ensuring that historical information cannot be changed, it has nothing to do with whether or not that information is correct. Our platform is about creating provenance information that has been verified by identifiable authorities. Our Tags and Certificates further create secure links between provenance records and the physical work itself. 

We have kept a close watch on blockchain technology ever since we started the business. We are now finalising a feature on our platform that enables us to retain independence and yet offer blockchain solutions to our users. Blockchain, combined with Tagsmart's verification system, is going to be powerful. We will be announcing this feature shortly!"


OA: You have tagged work from almost 250 contemporary artists so far, what has their response been?

SN: “We have the support of some fantastic artists, Gary Hume has called our system "simple and effective", Idris Khan and Marc Quinn have expressed their support, along with many more emerging artists.

Over the last two years it has become clear to us that the majority of our artists are keen to extend their reach to collectors who are shopping online. We responded to this need and we are excited to see how offering secure sales will help them to find millennial audiences with different buying preferences.”


OA: How do artists register their work?

SN: It’s free to create a profile on the Tagsmart Artist Register, where they can create artwork records by uploading information and photos of their work, where this information is encrypted and stored, and is accessible to galleries and consumers later on. The database is a central point from which authentication criteria is set and controlled.


OA: Why should galleries be offering certificates of authenticity?

SN: "A Tagsmart certificate is a way to instantly verify that a work is authentic, and is proof of ownership. This kind of reassurance reinforces the value of artworks and helps confidence in the art market, so the effects are far reaching."


Want to know more?

You can contact Sophie with any questions you might have about Tagsmart Connect, and their range of authentication services.

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