A Selected Group Show ‘Through the Cracks’

by Cupola Gallery | Sheffield
Date of event: 16/03/23 - 22/04/23

Welcome to our Selected Group show ‘Through the Cracks’.

Thursday 16 March – Saturday 22 April

A Selected Group show of new works across media from Cupola artists.

The upstairs gallery will be closed from 15-31 March due to building works.

The main gallery and the reception gallery have been rehung ‘salon style’ in order to ensure a wide variety of choices whilst the building works are taking place.

Artists featured include:

Mary Barratt, Jonathan Hooper, Lin Cheung, Rachel McDonnell, Pea Restall, Bren Head, Mariel Borst Pauwels, Karen Sherwood, Corinna Button, Gil Gathercole, Pauline Rignall, Stephen Todd, Julia Brown, Paul Evans, Christine Owen, Gregg Anston-Race, Penny Withers, Shakspeare Glass, Tracey Keeping, Ryoko Minamitani, Laura Garcia Martin, Frances Lee, Martin Hearne, Sue Ripley, Norman Anderson, Qi Fang Colbert, Angela Bell, Christine Cummings, Vivienne Ross, Emily Rowley, Rebecca Perry