Adrian Bates: Sculptor in Focus

by The New Ashgate Gallery | Farnham
Date of event: 18/06/22 - 23/07/22

Adrian’s vessels are thrown and built from black and white stoneware clays. Some are simply glazed to emphasise the form, others are unglazed. The glazed forms are biscuit fired to 9700C, then glazed and high fired to 12600C. The unglazed are once-fired to 12000C.

Adrian is largely self-taught although he attended various pottery classes and courses with (amongst others) John Stroomer at Solway Ceramics Centre, who he found to be an inspirational and generous teacher. He previously worked as a graphic designer and craft teacher, but pottery is his real passion and in 2011 decided to become a full time professional maker.

Adrian says:
In all the work I make I am looking to explore the relationship between inner space and outer form; where they meet and merge one into the other. This sprang from an interest in calligraphy and typography, but includes all organic forms; plant and animal, where inner nature describes outer appearance - each is expressed in, and through, the other.

Adrian's sculptures display an inherent understanding of structure and form, managing to simultaneously fool and dazzle the eye of the viewer.

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