An Arkful of Animals

by The Corn Hall | Diss
Date of event: 01/10/20 - 31/10/20

The thought provoking and fun ‘Arkful of Animals’ portrays different artists’ takes on bees, butterflies, birds and bugs, cats and camels, a dragon (made out of motorcycle parts) and a deer (as a marionette). No elephants, but, yes, a Zebra.

Styles vary from the figurative to the fantastic and media from watercolour to woodcut.


Local heroes include Jo and Gary Hincks, our own Emilia Symis, Deborah Vass and the indefatigable David Whatley; national names include Paula Rego and Graham Sutherland. Come and enjoy. Most work is for sale. Opening hours: 10 - 14:30 Mon to Sat