Another Page: A Mother and Daughter Collaboration

by Marine House At Beer Limited | Seaton
Date of event: 02/11/19 - 15/11/19

Prominent UK and South West painter Charlie O’Sullivan SWAc will be introducing her daughter Izzie O’Sullivan for a unique mother and daughter exhibition at Marine House at Beer.

Promising to be a kaleidoscope of colour and mixture of mediums, the breath-taking and bold new exhibition will present 40 new artworks by Charlie which capture her ongoing artistic themes of narrative, abstract, and landscape, whilst her daughter a recent graduate of Goldsmiths College will exhibit semi abstract paintings plus her experimental work with sculpture and 3D printing.

Of major interest will be a series of collaborative pieces Charlie and Izzie are creating, which will not only encompass the distinctive style and natural talent of this mother and daughter duo, but also the beginning of their artistic collaboration.