Aspects of York

by blue tree gallery | York
Date of event: 23/03/19 - 01/06/19

“Aspects of York” exhibition at the blue tree gallery in York.

Saturday 23rd March till 1st June 2019. Original paintings by Colin Binns, Douglas Hill, Giuliana Lazzerini & Paolo Lazzerini.

A warm welcome to our new exhibition which is on the theme of York. In such an historic, architecturally and culturally praised city, we invite 4 accomplished painters to explore by using their own visual language their own views on this lovely city!

About the artists

Colin Binns
The work on exhibition by Colin Binns plays with the character and atmosphere of York’s streetscapes. From his journeys through the city he has created mixed media drawings from the spaces, thoroughfares and landmark buildings that shape the experience of walking through the city’s rich architecture. The finished works are developed as montages on paper using combinations of ink, watercolour, gouache, pastel and collage, combining multiple views that generate a sense of movement through the streets. Colin works from his studio on the Lancashire coast making mixed media paintings and drawings, where he constantly experiments with linework, texture, colour and collage, to make art about myth and memory of place. The work evolves from his direct experiences of places and events through memory notes, photographs and sketch studies on location, creating the essential material for the painting and drawing process in the studio. He then recreates the atmosphere and vibrancy of our town and city centres by reassembling his sketches as multiple viewpoints to mirror the way we take in more than one view at a time in our experience of urban spaces. The interest in townscapes was initially developed in depth during his MA studies at the University of Central Lancashire, following which he spent several years working with experimental mixed media drawings in the university’s Artlab studios. This phase of work concluded with a residency at the studios where he combined screen print with painting and drawing for a major project on the changing nature of urban spaces. It culminated in a major retrospective exhibition at the Salford City Gallery and Museum in 2017 that displayed over 90 of his abstract paintings and mixed media drawings.

Douglas Hill
“I paint because I love Nature: Nature has always been my teacher. Painting for me is a journey into endless possibilities of light, colour, form – a journey into a creative mystery that is always changing. “Douglas was born in Yorkshire in 1953, this self-taught artist is a recognized plein-air painter, well exhibited and established in Great Britain. Living in St Ives and Mevagissey in Cornwall for twenty-two years served as a great training ground which, seeped in the tradition of outdoor painting was a major influence on the future direction of his work. Douglas has exhibited in New Zealand, New York and Northern Ireland, as well as many provincial galleries. Coming back to his native Yorkshire was an inspired return. One of his St Ives paintings was used for a book cover illustration for Black Swan titles, and he was a member of both St Ives Society of Artists and the Arts Club for many years. Douglas paints directly from life, without reference to photographs. “For me, nature is the teacher. What is important to me is the wonder and mystery waiting around the next corner, the joy of light and the beauty of the seasons.”



Giuliana Lazzerini
Giuliana was born in Tuscany, Italy. She gained a Master of Arts from the Istituto D’Arte Stagio Stagi in Pietrasanta and graduated in painting from the Accademia Di Belle Arti in Carrara. She moved to Yorkshire in 1987 and now lives in Yorkshire. Giuliana became inspired by art during her childhood, when much of her time was spent in her father’s studio in Italy. “The translucency of mosaic images and the way colours can vibrate against each other always fascinated me.” She has had numerous Solo Exhibitions, amongst them in, Italy, Switzerland, Michigan USA, London, Glasgow, Leeds, Bradford, Doncaster, Durham and York. She has regularly exhibited at the R.I. and R.O.I. at the Mall Galleries, London.  Her work has been three times finalist in Singer & Friedlander and shown at Discerning Eye Exhibitions.  She has also won Awards in Rome, Florence, Forte Dei Marmi, Milan, and the R.I., Mall Galleries, London. Giuliana has work published by The Art Group for clients such as; IKEA, W.H.Smiths and Athena. Currently with Museums & Galleries Cards in U.K and Mistletoe House Cards. Also Artfully Walls Prints USA and Uniek Prints USA. Critical acclaim has come from; Peter Wolland, Antonella Serafini, Robin Stemp, Mary Sara and Edward Gage. "This series of paintings is about my experience of Yorkshire after nearly 30 years living in the region. I have now lots of memories from which to unleash my imagination. As times go by my urgency to paint has become more and more pressing and I hope that can be seen in this latest series of paintings, in the spontaneous energy of the paint that I apply on the canvas with the combined use of the brush and palette knife. I want to celebrate the beauty of the world that surround us here in York in a semi-abstract way. My love for colour combined with carefully constructed composition to hopefully achieve a pleasing balance and all that beautiful inviting memories and the imagination that special gift that we have. For me the need to allow memory and imagination to interact is vital."


Paolo Lazzerini
Paolo Lazzerini was born in Tuscany, in the small town of Pietrasanta. Born from an artistic family as the father Bruno was a painter and an international mosaicist. Paolo’s sister Giuliana Lazzerini, a professional painter well known and appreciated in Europe and the USA. Paolo Lazzerini frequented the Liceo Artistico and the Accademia delle Belle Arti in Carrara. Already in the early years takes part and wins numerous Art Prizes, capturing the attention of critics and collectors alike. In the 70’s/80’s he exhibits in galleries in Italy and abroad. A significant experience in the Galleria Il Traquardo, in Forte Dei Marmi as it was situated in the street of the famous “Marguttiana” exhibition founded in 1962 from a group of artists like Carlo Carra, Funi, Pieraccini and Walter Lazzaro. It was Walter Lazzaro to notice and complement the young artist Lazzerini. In these years although very young, he was invited to exhibit in important galleries like, the Accademia of S. Cecilia in Rome – Le Tableau Gallery in Turin – Galleria San Marco in Rome – Ponte Tresa Gallery in Switzerland – Gallery 2000 in Tokyo. In the 90’s/2000 although his activity as the owner of a graphic design business kept him very busy, the artist continued to paint and has had solo and mixed exhibitions. In Italy at Forte Dei Marmi, Turin, in Edinburgh, in England, Birmingham, in Germany in the city of Cologne and also Monaco. In the last few years his painting activities become more intense and we can find him in many more events and exhibitions. This year 2019 Paolo has opened his own art gallery in Pietrasanta, Tuscany, Italy.