Bristol Photo Festival: RWA Photography Open Exhibition

by Royal West of England Academy | Bristol
Date of event: 27/03/21 - 06/06/21

As part of Bristol Photo Festival, a major citywide Festival of Photography taking place across Bristol in 2021, the RWA presents an open submission photography exhibition that will fill our main galleries.

Artists wishing to take part in the RWA Photography Open Exhibition can apply from Monday 4 January 2021 to Monday 22 February 2021. Subscribe to our newsletter to be notified when submissions open.

This exhibition runs parallel with a second exhibition, Jem Southam: A Bend In The River. Your ticket includes entry to both exhibitions.

The RWA Open Photography Exhibition focuses on artists and photographers who create series of photographs.

From camera obscuras dating back to ancient China, to the breakthrough in capturing images with early pinhole photography, few artistic mediums have undergone such dramatic transformation. Now in the digital age, photography has become one of the most popular and accessible forms of artistic and personal expression.

Submissions for this exhibition are invited from all artists who create photographic series or explore the nature of photography in a series of work. Those who use photography to inform their sculpture, installation, architecture or other artistic practice are also encouraged to enter the exhibition. Artists of all ages and experience are welcome to submit. There is no theme however, submitted works must be part of a series of a minimum of three pieces. Submissions must have been created no more than three years ago and must be for sale. All entries are subject to selection and a fee for entry applies. To be first to know when submissions open please subscribe to our newsletter.

This year’s selection panel includes internationally acclaimed artists Jem Southam, Amak Mahmoodian and Sian Bonnell together with RWA Academicians Katie Davies RWA, Susan Derges RWA and Tracy Marshall, Bristol Photo Festival Director. The invited artists are Robert Darch and Helen Sear. Invited artists are Helen Sear and Robert Darch.

The Photo Lab – A Space to Pause, Read, Reflect and be Inspired

Your ticket to The Photography Open includes entry to The Photo Lab. Artists-in-residence will investigate the practice of photography, adding their own works and experiments around the space. In the Lab, visitors are invited to explore interpretations of photography for themselves, participating in workshops, discussions and games.