Collectors Evenings

Interested to find out more about starting or growing your art collection?

Well, look no further, we have a great opportunity for you. We at Own Art are partnering with IESA and Art Review to bring you a series of talks revealing everything you need to know about collecting contemporary art.

The talks will introduce you to the secrets of the contemporary art market. Each week an experienced professional will explore a unique area within the fascinating art world and culminate with a discussion to end each session.

When?  Every Tuesday from the 28th April to 19th May, 7-8.30pm

Where?  ArtReview, 1 Honduras Street, London, EC1Y 0TH

The schedule for the talks is as follows:

28th April:  What does the Global Artworld look like? 

The important topic of the global art world and how the fair has taken shape over the last three years will be discussed. Hosted by Kate Bryan, Director at Art 15.

5th May: Introduction to the Art Market: Navigate the world of Art.

An introduction into the best way a collector can manoeuvre their way through the complex Arts business. Sarah Thelwell shares her insights into the structure that comprises of galleries, auction houses and fairs. Hosted by Sarah Thelwall, Arts Management Consultant.

12th May: Understanding Contemporary Art -The method behind deconstructing contemporary Art.

Art critic and author Ossian Ward introduce the necessary components behind analysing Art. Learn about abstract concepts that will take you through the foundational theory. Hosted by Ossian Ward Director, Lisson Gallery.

19th May: The Trajectory of an Artist: From Art school to collection. 

This talk will explore the variety of locations to encounter the work of artists. Delve into the different stages of an artist’s career and the unique relationship between the artist and the commercial world. Hosted by Stephanie Dieckvoss, Independent Arts Management Consultant.

If you sign up to all of the talks in the series you will receive a reduced rate year-long subscription to ArtReview.

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