Eliza Southwood: The Art of Being Outside

by The New Ashgate Gallery | Farnham
Date of event: 18/06/22 - 23/07/22

Eliza has been drawing and painting since she was old enough to pick up a paintbrush. Having spent her childhood in the remote region of Asturias in Spain, Eliza travelled to Italy, where she worked with horses, and then to Scotland, where she studied Architecture at the Mackintosh School of Art in Glasgow. Postgraduate studies followed in London, but after several years in architectural practice, she decided to change career and dedicate herself to making art full time.

Eliza's speciality is silk screen printing, but she also works in linocut, mixed media, watercolour, acrylic, pen and charcoal . As a keen fan of cycling, much of her work is cycling-themed, but other sources of inspiration are cityscapes, sports and people.

4 years ago she moved to Spain, returning to the same remote area she grew up in, and since then has taken inspiration from the surrounding landscapes and rural local activities, whilst continuing with the themes that interest her.

The name of show is a reflection on what it means to be outside, especially after so many were trapped indoors during the restrictions of the pandemic. It is about sports, movement, and simply taking joy in the environment around us.

Eliza's work is displayed with sculptures and miniatures by David Mayne, the creator of the Farnham Sculpture outside the gallery. David's much loved indoor sculptures depict popular activities such as cycling and woodland walks.