From Shore to Skyline: Jacky Paynter and the Journeys in Landscape

by The New Ashgate Gallery | Farnham
Date of event: 04/05/24 - 29/06/24

Although born and educated in East London, Jacky’s artistic roots are in the rural landscape. Her work, whether inspired by the quaint charm of Cornwall or the hidden gems of Hampshire, showcases a profound appreciation for colour, texture, and the nuanced interplay of light and shadow. Her graphic design training comes through in bold mark-making and in strong compositions.

The exhibition is an invitation to explore the varied landscapes that have inspired Jacky's creativity, she brings forth the unique character of each location, drawing on experiences in St Ives, Farnham, Fleet, and Winchfield.

Working from sketches produced on-site, back in her studio she layers acrylic, oil, and mixed media onto canvas or boards, pushing and pulling to develop each painting. For Jacky, every stroke paints a vivid portrait of the diverse beauty found in these distinct corners and contrasting corners of the country.