How to Make a Trip to Remember

What is it that makes you want to buy art? Perhaps you have a favourite artist you want to support or a favourite gallery that you enjoy visiting. A piece of art or craft can be the perfect gift for someone, or the perfect excuse to even start your first art collection. When you realise how affordable art can be, especially through the Own Art scheme, there are so many things that can motivate a purchase. Without the usual costly barriers, it’s much easier to brighten your home with a piece of art or craft or encourage inspiration in your new office.

If you’ve used the Own Art scheme before to buy a piece of art, you may have received our post-sale survey. We absolutely love reading about your experiences and motivations to buy a piece of work or visit a gallery, because whatever the reason, you’ve just single-handedly supported an artist and a gallery with your custom. 

We’ve noticed that one of the biggest motivators to buying art is encouraged by a trip, whether that’s for work or for pleasure. What a brilliant reason to be buying art and craft again now that the world has opened up! You can buy a unique souvenir whilst you’re visiting family in Northern Ireland or pick up a memento after your beach weekend in Whitstable. If you’re lucky enough to travel around the UK for work, why not treat yourself to some craftwork in Edinburgh or some jewellery in Newcastle? 

There are over 300 Own Art galleries spread across the UK, so it’s always worth having a look to see where they’re dotted before you pack your bags. We’ve made a collection of a few local artworks below that can be the perfect souvenir from your next trip.

So next time you’re looking at those Glasgow fridge magnets or Torquay keyrings, head to your nearest Own Art gallery and see if you can collect something more creative to commemorate your holiday.

Have you got any trips coming up?