Ian Rawling: ‘Familiar and Found’

by York Fine Arts | York
Date of event: 14/06/24 - 07/07/24
Artist: Ian Rawling

York Fine Arts is delighted to announce its first solo exhibition of work by much-loved and collected pastel artist Ian Rawling, PS. From curios to the conventional, cars to culinary delights, Ian Rawling: Familiar and Found’ showcases a spectacular selection of work that highlights Ian’s unparalleled ability to transform everyday subjects into extraordinary observations. Sometimes familiar and sometimes long since forgotten, Ian applies his acute observation and exceptional skill to find and elevate that which is often overlooked, unveiling the entrancing elements and details within.

A pastel artist working within the realm of contemporary realism, Ian strikes the perfect balance of impeccable precision and intuitive imagination. Favouring simple compositions and a limited colour palette, he uses soft pastels and pastel pencils as well as charcoal for his work, taking deliberate care to emphasise imperfections, textures and highlights. He methodically applies a range of techniques with his work, giving thoughtful consideration to mark-making methods and surface textures to achieve the desired outcome. While realism is his primary aim, Ian enjoys the fact that small details of his process and techniques remain and are revealed to viewers upon closer inspection.

It is Ian’s scrupulous attention to detail and overarching vision that has made him a standout artist amongst his contemporaries. His work demands viewers to pause and savour the intricacies of everyday life; each mark tells a story, each imperfection a testament to the beauty found in the seemingly mundane. Unsurprisingly, his work has received both affection and acclaim from galleries, societies and collectors alike. In just a few short years as a fine artist, he has won a host of awards including the Visitors Choice Award at the Pastel Society in both 2018 and 2019, the West Design-Faber Castell Award, the Schmincke Prize and the Caran d'Ache Award. In 2023, he was selected for the prestigious New Light Prize exhibition, cementing his place amongst the rising stars of Northern Art and beyond.

The exhibition opens at York Fine Arts on Friday, 14th of June and runs until Sunday, 7th of July 2024. Due to expected high volume of interest in the show, an early viewing is recommended. Preview catalogues will also be available upon request.

For press enquiries or high-resolution images, please telephone Deanna Dawkins on 01904 634221 or email