Journeys Near and Far – An Online Exhibition

by Gavagan Art | Settle
Date of event: 19/06/20 - 09/08/20

While the gallery at the Town Hall is currently closed to visitors, we have put together an online exhibition of the work of four artists:
Brian Hindmarch, Christine Leadbetter, Katharine Holmes and Milan Ivanic.

In the forthcoming weeks, images and information about the artists’ work will be sent out in our online newsletters. Images of work available can be seen on our website. More detailed images and further details available of each work please ask.
Follow the link here

While online images cannot reproduce an actual visit to a gallery if you are interested in discussing a particular artwork please do telephone mobile: 07799797961 or email: [email protected]
The title of the exhibition is one which captures an aspect of the present global situation.
As travel has become restricted many of us have discovered or rediscovered walks close to home and have been able to spend time watching the wildlife around us in gardens and parks. The view from the window or the local landscape of the north of England is depicted in the work of Brian Hindmarch, Katharine Holmes and Milan Ivanic, but they have also painted and printed images of journeys to more distant locations they have previously visited.
In the case of Christine Leadbetter she has painted a series of jewel like miniatures of a journey to India she made last year.