Karolina Albricht OFF-BEAT

by JGM Gallery | London
Date of event: 26/02/21 - 18/04/21

Karolina Albricht’s paintings derive from a private imaginative space. Continuously, she’s negotiating new configurations of form, colour and surface. Painting, to her, is an attempt to generate an active space, an environment which can be perceived and responded to through our intellectual and physical faculties, through the sum of our senses.

“OFF-BEAT is a result of my recent thoughts on several interconnected themes, one of these being painting and music; the terms of their relationship, how they lend each other their elemental structures, rhythms and tensions. What interests me in particular is how, simultaneously, they relate and respond to the body, and how they deviate from the patterns they create.” Karolina Albricht 2021