Light Source

by Tregony Gallery | Truro
Date of event: 05/03/19 - 27/04/19
Artist: Dean Fisher

Group exhibition ‘Light Source’ marks the arrival of Spring and the seasonal shift into warmth, colour and light.

The exhibition introduces newly represented ceramicist Claire Ireland and artists Richard Fitton, Ann Gardner, Jennifer Pochinski, Josephine Robinson and Dean Fisher, who invite the viewer to participate in their richly layered and diverse approaches to painting. 

‘Light Source’ offers a way to see gallery artists response to the tangible sensations of the rising daylight, unfurling vegetation and vibrant landscapes in painting, sculpture and ceramics works.

Featuring new work from: Dana Finch, Karen McEndoo, Nicole Price, Enzo Marra,  Mark Dunford, Euan McGregor, Bridget Macklin, Gregory Ward, David Moore, Jason Bowyer, Sarah Spackman, Judi Green, Kay Vinson, Daniel Preece, Sara Lee Roberts, Gethin Evans, David Caldwell, David Burrows, Adele Wagstaff and invited guests.

Can’t make it to Cornwall? Thinking of buying artworks? All the work in the exhibition is for sale and available to vie online: