Living with the Past – Mixed Group Show

by Cupola Gallery | Sheffield
Date of event: 15/07/22 - 27/08/22

“We live between tomorrow and yesterday. The past is always with us acting as foundations for our future. Living with the Past is our exploration of these foundations whether they are cultural, personal, physical or even geological. We have gathered together artists that traverse the past.”

Graham Shapley, Curator

An incredible response to our theme has seen work arrive from USA, Europe and across the UK. Painting, sculpture, printmaking, photography, ceramics, mixed media and textile works are represented.

“The strength and the diversity of work is exciting and intriguing. The exhibition feels incredibly honest, deeply personal and in some cases emotionally ‘raw’. There are glimpses into half revealed stories and histories, forgotten or neglected urban landscapes, craft, politics, social circles, societal norms, class, religion, family and relationships. From photography to sculpture, painting to textiles, abstract or figurative, every piece is a result of the unique past of each artist.” Karen Sherwood, Director

There is humour in the collage assemblages of Jenny Pope, historical and cultural references in the sculptured Victorian lace collar by Katherine Sullivan, the stone carved relief by Lily Marsh, and the nineteenth and twentieth century coding technology artefacts used in the printmaking work of Clare Phelan. Urban decay and social utopias are questioned in the paintings of Madeline Pick, Mariel Borst Pauwels, Andy Cropper & Sean williams. Religion, be it Christian or Pagan is referenced in the mixed media collages of Dionne Hood, the Abbey etchings of Anna Matyus, the icon referenced painting of Frances-Ann Norton and the ceramic goddess sculpture by Galea Bellinscaia. The history in the natural world is explored by Greg Kent in the delicate sculptures of sandblasted wooden forms revealing their growth rings and medullary rays. Trauma is explored by the gestural human acts of mark making and natural materials in the painting of Jacqui Gallon, the intricate stitched medieval style hangings by Mary Mazziotti and the ‘How do you feel?’ porcelain ceramic sculptures by Annita McKee amongst others.

Many artists are also exploring different periods of history including Dutch painting, Egyptian mummification and coffin painting, stories from books, museum artefacts, myth, legend and folklore. The diversity of responses to the theme as well as the styles and techniques of the numerous artists makes this a fascinating and exciting exhibition which is not to be missed.

Due to the high number of artists taking part in the exhibition across media the exhibition has extended across all four exhibition spaces at the gallery; the main gallery, the long gallery, the reception gallery and the craft gallery.

Artists: Katherine Sullivan, Dionne Hood, Helen Acklam, Gail Altschuler, Mary Mazziotti, Frances-Ann Norton, John Walmsley, Jo Liddle, Ben Snowden, Anne Menary, Ben Bucki, Daniel Bell, Joanna Hart, Sean Williams, Luigi Francischello, Andrew D. Clark, Maggie Thompson, Kate Jacob, Lily Marsh, Klaus Pinter, Myfanwy Williams, Ashley Hanson, Alison Edmonds, Clare Phelan, Clare Chinnery, Jenny Pope, Imogen Perkin, Galina Belinscaia, Stephen Todd, Jane Fielder, Greg Kent, Andrew Sales, John Brokenshire, Susan Wright, Debbie Michaels, Jonathan Hooper, Pauline Rignall, Anna Matyus, Kate Jordan, Miguel Sopena, Fay Gibson, Joe Mallia, Heather McAteer, Fumi, Emma Whiting, Narbi Price, Viv Owen, Madeline Pick, Franz Petto, Andy Cropper, Kathryn Watson, Jacqui Gallon, Simon Dobbs, Robin Clark, Mariel Borst Pauwels, Annita Mckee, Mario Lautier Vella, Kate Cornish