Music, Love and Nature

by Courtney Gallery | Ashbourne
Date of event: 29/04/23 - 20/05/23
Artist: Jiri Borsky

Jiri Borksy is well known for his exquisite figurative work, especially around the themes of lovers and musicians, while his love for organic gardening has become one of his favourite subjects.

Birds overflying landscapes is a recurring theme in Jiri’s output, especially his recent artwork. It affords a high viewpoint comparable to drone camera shots indispensable to any current TV documentary. Fleeting glimpses of fragments of ground below merge with outstretched wings, free of strict rules of traditional perspective.

Alternative means of organising pictorial space, learned from sources spanning from Egyptians to medieval painters to cubism are employed in many of his works, the intended poetic results always taking preference to verisimilitude.