N20G IN 2020

by Mandell's Gallery | Norwich
Date of event: 07/11/20 - 28/11/20


I am delighted to be introducing N20G IN 2020, showcasing new and recent work from a selection of Norwich 20 Group artists. This year, Covid19 has brought many challenges for everyone and with all our usual meetings and pre-planned exhibitions cancelled or postponed since mid March, this opportunity to actually exhibit in 2020 is greatly appreciated.

During ‘lockdown’, many artists have still been busy in their studios or working at home; experimenting with new and different processes, painting plein air, or out walking and sketching – searching for fresh perspectives and new inspiration, or simply responding to their local surroundings and circumstances.

It’s been wonderful to see the depth and range of work submitted to the exhibition. There is so much to be inspired by; a selection of interesting and varied sculpture, beautiful gouache and ink drawings from Gillian Charrot,  a sense of calm and quiet tranquillity from Jane Mackintosh’s Studio Window, along with new works from Thea Hickling and Anthea Eames, reflecting their love of landscape and environment – and full of light and optimism. Abstract works from artists such as David Woods, Mike Chapman, Mary Mellor and Carolyn MacArthur challenge us to observe and reflect more deeply, whilst Monika Wesselman’s Return of the smile, Frances Martin’s Apparition Cat (Budge of Norwich), John Rance’s Lockdown with Mondrian Week I, Fun Time and Chedgey’s La Peste (The Plague) all raise a smile – in their own way! It’s impossible to summarise all the wonderfully rich and diverse work, but the exhibition truly does celebrates the manifold identities and experiences of the group, through the shared dialogue of visual art.

Now, more than ever, artists and galleries need our support. I do hope you are able to visit in person, and enjoy this inspiring and uplifting exhibition.

On behalf of all the artists, I would also like to thank Mandell’s Gallery for providing us with this opportunity, and I look forward to seeing some of you during the course of the show.

Brigitte Hague,

Chair, N20G

October 2020