Of a Different Stripe

by Graystone Gallery | Edinburgh
Date of event: 26/03/24 - 30/06/24
Artist: Kris Cieslak
With 18 spectacular pieces on show, art lovers are spoilt for choice. Each of these pieces demonstrates Kris’ unique style and brings his keen observations of the body and interpersonal relations clearly into perspective.

This is a joyful and uplifting show that vividly promotes self-improvement and understanding of others. Kris’ painting style – stripism – demonstrates that in art the only limitations are the borders of our imagination.  He has always taken inspiration from the human experience and delves into both the emotional and physicality of the human body. 

“I focus primarily on the constant striving for perfection, both physical and spiritual, the beauty of the body, eroticism, and on capturing the variety of emotions hidden in every human being,” said Kris. “My art won’t change the world, but hopefully it will change the way you see it”

Kimpton Charlotte Square Hotel Manager, Kieran Quinn is proud to continue the hotel’s tradition of supporting artists and local galleries. “We’re delighted to have the opportunity to showcase Kris’ work in conjunction with Graystone Gallery,” he said. “I’m sure our guests and visitors will agree his colourful palette and brilliant observations bring a vibrancy to the hotel that really resonates with us all.”

 Artwork ranging from £700 - £2,750