On the Shoulders of Giants – An Exhibition by Professor Harry McMahon

by ArtisAnn | Antrim
Date of event: 04/02/21 - 27/02/21

Online from Wed 3rd Feb

In Gallery from Tue 9th Feb (Subject to Covid Regulations)

On the Shoulders of Giants is a tribute to the pioneers of science such as Leonhard Euler, Dorothy Hodgkin, J.S. Bell and William Campbell.  Each painting celebrates a significant example of humankind’s attempts to bring conceptual order to what might otherwise be seen as an incomprehensible, chaotic world.  The show should be of interest both to art lovers and to those interested in the history of science.  

Professor Harry McMahon’s first degree was in physics; his most recent, after he retired, was in Fine and Applied Art.  In “On the Shoulders of Giants”, escaping from his long-term practice in landscape painting, he overlays diagrammatic references to science and mathematics on complex, near-chaotic, painterly backgrounds.  Based on the work of Greek philosophers like Thales and Eratosthenes, mathematicians like Leonhard Euler and William Rowan Hamilton, and 20th and 21st-century scientists such as Dorothy Hodgkin, Belfast-born J S Bell and Ramelton-born William Campbell, this is a must-see exhibition for anyone interested in science and art. The exhibition is part of the Northern Ireland Science Festival 2021.    

The exhibition runs at the ArtisAnn Gallery, 70 Bloomfield Avenue, Belfast from Wed 3rd February to Sat 27th February 2021  

Online from Wed 3rd Feb In Gallery from Tue 9th Feb (Subject to Covid Regulations)     ​

All Welcome. Admission is free.  

All artworks are available to buy and can be delivered free of charge.   You can also buy art from this exhibition through the Own Art scheme which gives you an interest-free loan over 10 months (and you still get to take the art home immediately the exhibition ends).  

To ensure you enjoy your visit in a safe environment at the ArtisAnn Gallery  

  • Hand sanitiser is provided
  • A perspex screen is in place at the counter
  • Staff wear masks and gloves
  • Cleaning/disinfecting of all surfaces is carried out before every visit and throughout the day