Online Exhibition – The Bigger Picture

by ArtisAnn | Antrim
Date of event: 01/05/20 - 31/07/20

The Bigger Picture


A New Online Exhibition at the ArtisAnn Gallery at



You can enjoy art at home with our new online exhibition at the ArtisAnn Gallery Online. The show features art by well known and loved artists, such as Brian Ballard and Neil Shawcross, alongside young exciting talents such as Trina Hobson and Charlie Scott.


These 15 large paintings are bold statement works bringing the big wide world into our homes.


The exhibition features Keith Ayton, Brian Ballard, Lisa Ballard, Carol Graham, Ciarán Harper, Trina Hobson, Susan McKeever, Charlie Scott, Neil Shawcross and Anka Sikora.


The exhibition is now online at


Stay Safe and Enjoy the Art at Home until we can see you again at the ArtisAnn Gallery.


All art is available to buy, and can be delivered direct to your door at the end of the exhibition.


Most of the money from sales goes to artists and local businesses so you can support artists and your community with art you love from the ArtisAnn Gallery online at


You can also buy art from this exhibition through the Own Art scheme; an interest-free loan over 10 months, supported by the Arts Council of Northern Ireland. This can be arranged over the phone and the work delivered to your home.



Enjoy art online at and on our social media channels.