The option to offer finance at a time like this is a valuable sales tool, as well as a great benefit for your customers. 

We’ve collated all the tools you need to ensure Own Art is as prominent as possible on your website, which will, in turn, generate more interest and sales for your gallery.

Novuna E-Commerce Integration

The Own Art scheme can be integrated into your e-commerce website so customers can apply for finance at the same time as purchasing your products online, enabling a smoother transition from browsing to sales. PaybyFinance (launched by Novuna, our credit provider) provides a way for customers to apply for finance online and away from your store. The customer creates the application themselves using your website, rather than a member of your team on Novuna’s system directly. As a result, no staff need to be involved in the initial purchase and finance application until delivery is required.

Remember, if you’re waiting for PaybyFinance to be integrated, Own Art applications can be processed remotely by mail order – check out our guide to remote application processing here.

How does PaybyFinance work?

An online customer takes the exact same journey they would to purchase an item on your current website.

The online application process takes around 5-6 minutes for a customer to complete, and the decision is instant. Once completed the customer will return to your website.

How do we integrate?

The first step is to get in touch with the Own Art team. We’ll ask you a few questions about your website before passing you on to the Novuna e-commerce team.

Based on your website platform Novuna may have a plugin to speed up the integration work for you as well. The current plugins available here.

What’s the process?

The integration time completely depends on what your exact requirements are, however, we have had some of our members install a plugin and go live within two weeks of the initial call with Novuna.

Here are the integration steps if you’re using a plugin for Magento, Shopify or Woocommerce:

Here are the steps without a plugin:

Own Art Logos

You can download JPG, EPS and PNG versions of the Own Art logo to display on your website or to use in any of your point of sale.

Pink, petrol & black logo

Social Media Templates

Here are some examples of your social media posts. Please feel free to copy and paste these into your social campaigns in order to promote the Own Art scheme in line with your artworks and craft.

Instagram (@Own.Art)

Seen a piece of artwork you love but can’t afford? Ask about @Own.Art – the interest-free, monthly instalments could help you bring it home.

[Artwork title]
[Artist name]
£xxx.xx – or £xx.xx a month over 10 months with an Own Art loan

#LoveArt #OwnArt #OwnArtScheme #AffordableArt #ArtOwnership #CollectArt #BuyArt

Facebook (@OwnArt)

Welcome to affordable art ownership with @OwnArt. Seen a piece of artwork you love but can’t afford? Ask about @OwnArt – the interest-free, monthly instalments could help you bring it home.

Like this wonderful piece, [artwork title] by [artist name], [medium]
£xxx.xx – or £xx.xx a month over 10 months with Own Art

Twitter (@OwnArtScheme)

The @ownartscheme makes buying art & craft easy & affordable by letting you spread the cost of your purchase over 10 months, interest-free.

[artwork title] by [artist], [medium], [dimensions], £xxx.xx or £xx a month 

Social Media Assets

You can use the Own Art logos above to add to your own posts or point of sale as you wish, however, to make things easier we have also created some ready-made up social media assets for your Instagram, Facebook and Twitter so you can remind your customers that they don’t need to miss out on their dream artwork.

Newsletter Template

We have written up some newsletter copy for you if you wanted to directly market the scheme to your subscribers. It’s a great way to get the word out there and put a piece (or pieces) from your collection in the limelight as an example of how it works.

Newsletter Assets

Here are some newsletter assets to decorate your newsletter as you prefer. Please do get in touch at if you would like something more specific or bespoke created for your gallery’s newsletter or website.


Whether you want a dedicated Own Art page to explain the scheme or a concise introduction somewhere on your website, we’ve got the copy ready for you. Remember to delete where necessary in the [square brackets], where we’ve included options for you, depending on your location and which scheme you’re on.

Marketing Checklist

  • Is the Own Art logo up to date and visible on your website?
  • Is your Own Art information page up to date?
  • Do you have our point of sale on display?
  • Are you tagging us in your socials? (Twitter: @OwnArtScheme / Instagram: @Own.Art / Facebook: @OwnArt)
  • Have you logged in and updated your gallery listings?
  • Have you booked in your #OATAKEOVER?

Please get in touch via email with Siobhan Garrigan (, Marketing & Comms Manager for Own Art, if you need any bespoke assets or further assistance marketing your gallery.