Parallels | The art of inspiration

by Tregony Gallery | Truro
Date of event: 21/05/22 - 18/06/22

‘Parallels’ explores the creative similarities between our artists from varied global locations and arts education backgrounds. From the UK to America, Ireland and the Middle East, with influences ranging from Giotto to Cezanne, Chardin and Seurat to Euan Uglow, Patrick George, Lennart Anderson and David Park, it is fascinating to see how art historical references and influences have crossed borders and timelines.

‘Parallels’ uses these lines of connection as a curatorial touchstone to bring together the diverse artistic practices and styles of our gallery artists. The exhibition shows work that is technically excellent, fresh and exciting; as well as meaningful and humanist and includes new work made specifically for the exhibition from Mark Dunford, David Moore, Gregory Ward, David Baird, Virginia Bounds, Simon Wright, Alex Cree and Daniel Preece.  Exhibiting with Tregony Gallery for the first time is Israeli artist Osnat Olvia; and from the USA Chris Liberti, Erin Raedeke and Neil Plotkin.


Tuesday – Saturday

11.00am-1.00pm & 2.00pm- 4.00pm

(Closed Sunday & Monday)

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Cant make it to Cornwall there's plenty of time to look. All the work will be available to discover, choose and view on the website and a new 3D tour will be uploaded

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