Partner Interview with Vintage Roots

Own Art and Vintage Roots are now in partnership and we couldn’t be more thrilled to be bringing these organic beauties onboard!

Vintage Roots is an ethical and award-winning drinks supplier, 100% organic since its formation in 1986. We chatted to them to find out about a few favourites in stock!

Tell us a bit about Vintage Roots’ ethos and how it came to be..

We started back in 1986 with an idea of working for ourselves (three friends), doing something we could enjoy and that we believed in. Hence organic wine! We’ve always been totally behind the organic message and we started with 12 wines on a piece of A4 paper, on a government scheme to get people off benefits. The Enterprise Allowance Scheme in 1986. We’ve stuck to our guns and organic is now so much better understood and appreciated by more people, as it should be.

Which is your best selling case and why?

The popular wines are things like Prosecco, Malbec, New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Grigio. Favourites for good reason. In recent years there has been a big increase in demand for our No Sulphur Added organic wines too.

What would you say is the most popular alcohol-free wine?

We do not do many, but the ‘Opia’ alcohol-free organic wine’s good. Alcohol-free beers tend to be more popular.

“Organic is now so much better understood and appreciated by more people, as it should be.”

How have you been throughout COVID-19 lockdown?

Luckily we have been very busy on the website and with all the independent shops we supply. Of course, the restaurant trade has disappeared and life continues to be toughest for them. We have also been keeping well, you have to be grateful for that.

Are there any new products or services in place?

We have some new Mallorcan wines in stock and there will be more arriving over the next few months.

How can Own Art members benefit from Vintage Roots now that we have partnered up?

As an Own Art member, you get trade prices on all drinks at Vintage Roots, plus free delivery from £250 ex VAT. / Facebook / Instagram / Twitter