Pastel Excellence at 125

by The New Ashgate Gallery | Farnham
Date of event: 04/05/24 - 29/06/24

Step into a realm of captivating hues and artistic talent as the New Ashgate proudly presents the Pastel Society that celebrates its 125th anniversary in 2024. This is a joyous celebration of contemporary pastel and dry media and an exceptional showcase of technical brilliance with creative originality. It underscores the Society’s profound legacy and steadfast commitment to the diverse world of pastels. From the velvety strokes of soft and hard pastels to the vibrant expressiveness of oil pastels, ink pastels, and more, the exhibition extends to artists eager to push the boundaries of expression through pastel, chalk, crayon, charcoal, pencil, and pastel led mixed media.

Michele Ashby, Liz Balkwill, David Brammeld-Art, Cheryl Culver, Matthew Draper, Jaana Fowler, Jill Jeffrey, Ian Rawling, Dave Roberts, Jeannette Hayes, Peter Vincent, Susie Prangnell, Norman Smith and Norma Stephenson present a visual feast of pastel brilliance of timeless landscapes, still lifes and abstraction of pastel and dry media in the contemporary art scene.