Paul Powis & Sara Hayward RCA at the Gallery – Online Tour

by Greenstage Gallery | Bromyard
Date of event: 12/09/20 - 11/10/20
Artist: Paul Powis

we wanted to share with you our new exhibition by Paul Powis and Sara Hayward. They have been married and working as artists for over 30 years, each with their own distinctive style but both sharing a fascination with vibrant mark-making and subjective colour.

We have also added an exciting new dimension to this show – you can now browse the Gallery at your leisure from wherever you are!

Just click on the button below to join us in the Gallery.
You can move around the gallery, as if you were there in person. You just move to the vicinity of a piece using the circles on the floor and click on the info button for more details on each work. If something takes your eye, you have any questions about individual pieces or you have any comments, please get in touch.