“REVIVE” Exhibition

by blue tree gallery | York
Date of event: 11/02/21 - 13/03/21

Exhibition Online: “REVIVE” 30th January – 13th March 2021

Original Paintings from Giuliana Lazzerini, Steve Tomlinson, James Wheeler & Giles Ward

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Giuliana Lazzerini

Giuliana Lazzerini was born in Seravezza near Pietrasanta in Tuscany. Between 1962 and 1968 she was a student at the Istituto D’Arte Stagio Stagi in Pietrasanta, gaining a Master of Arts Diploma. This was followed by a further four years studying painting at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Carrara. Giuliana moved to Yorkshire, England in 1987 and now lives in Yorkshire.​ “My work is varied and often developed from an idea encountered during a journey that takes me in an unknown territory where I grow as an Artist. I usually work in a small series of paintings, where memory and imagination come to interplay. Time made me more familiar with the English Northern landscape and it finally has left a mark in some of my work, as I become more intrigued by its drama and atmosphere.”

Steve Tomlinson

‘Art has been central to my whole life – from passing my art exam and 11 plus in order to go to an art grammar school (Moseley Road School of Art, Birmingham) to attaining a degree in Fine Art at Canterbury. Following an early career in exhibitions at the British Museum and interpretive projects for the heritage industry I have worked on public art projects (mainly sculpture!) for many years. I have always painted and my current work here at the Blue Tree Gallery is a further, somewhat symbolic, development of my interests in the sea and the associated physical and emotional experiences it brings. There is a timeless reflective quality to walking on a beach or staring out to sea – it gives back a version of our own thoughts and feelings. As we occupy this threshold, our minds are filled with a sense of space, of time and our own human fragile place in the world and the paintings attempt to stimulate such a contemplation. The textures I create suggest the wind, the sounds of the sea and other coastal features such as pebbles, rocks and driftwood. I hope that my work may encourage people to look beyond or within themselves and that the beholder will find a meaning that is pertinent, personal and rewarding. To quote E E Cummings: “It’s always ourselves we find in the sea.”

James Wheeler

James Allan Wheeler was born in Glasgow, Scotland. He studied at the Glasgow School of Art and trained as a carpet designer before moving to England where he worked for one of the largest carpet manufacturers in Yorkshire. It was here, as Design Studio Manager, where he carved a highly successful career to become one of the UK’s leading carpet designers. With colour and composition being so important in his professional designs, James allowed this to flow naturally through the subtlety of hue and texture in his landscapes. Painting primarily in oils on cork, his work straddles the contemporary and the timeless, inviting viewers to a personal interpretation of his painting. It is in the light and atmosphere of the landscape, where James aims to mix “memory and desire”. Inspiration is drawn from visits to his homeland, Scotland; and from holidays spent in France, Venice and the Mediterranean islands. Closer to home, his love of the Lake District and the magnificent Yorkshire scenery also inspires. James has had many successful exhibitions in the north of England and was the Regional Winner of the Laing Art Exhibitions in 1991. He was invited to show at Leicestershire Art for Schools and Colleges Exhibition in 1992. He had work exhibited at the Leeds Open Art Exhibition in 2004.

Giles Ward

Giles is an artist and writer originally from Yorkshire where he studied fine art at Sheffield before moving to Exeter to study Illustration and Graphic Design. He has exhibited both in the UK and overseas. Experimentation is at the heart of Giles’ painting. Working pre-dominantly in oils his canvases take on other-worldly textures with the addition of acrylics, inks, spray paint, varnishes and anything else he can lay his hands on. He is inspired by the natural world and examines the hidden worlds of colour and texture found in nature’s close-up detail. “I use acrylic underlay and then layers of oil. Sometimes including crab shell, but also other kinds of paint and ink to create the effects.)