Ruth Taylor: Solitude is Bliss

by The New Ashgate Gallery | Farnham
Date of event: 18/06/22 - 23/07/22

With a milky palette of greys, greens and lilacs, they have a dreamy quality. Empty of people, these are places to be alone in where you can enjoy the solitude, walking in the countryside or gazing out to sea, happy in your own company.

Ruth Taylor trained as a textile designer at West Surrey College of Art and Design in the 80s and after many years working with fabric in many forms she discovered a love of oil painting, which has become her main form of artistic expression. The influence of her work with textiles is evident; her love of colour, texture and pattern is as much an inspiration as the English countryside. Ruth loads the surface with paint, moving it around with brushes, combs and even her hands, looking to capture a particular light or the effect of the weather and seasons on the land.

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