Sorry to st-ART-le you!

It’s that spooky season we’ve adopted from our American friends – Halloweeeeeeeeen: the marmite of holidays! So if you can’t beat them, join them. This is the perfect month to get creative: pumpkin carving, baking, hanging out the spider webs and getting your best Freddy Kruger look for the night.

Every year we look forward to a horror movie night with friends. We don the bare minimum efforts for our costumes and focus mainly on setting the right spooky mood (and the snacks, of course), which got us to thinking: why are we investing so much in disposable decorations for our annual covens? Why not stock up on some unique and hallowed interior design, which can terrify your space and help get the party started. Bonus points for supporting artists and galleries! And more bonus points for the most creative Halloween decoration!

We’ve hunted down these creepy treats from our Own Art member galleries so you can be part of the scare. Whether you’re throwing a freaky feast, heading out for some well-earned treats (or tricks) or just wrapping up in a blanket to watch the original 1978 Halloween on Netflix, don’t be scared to start your art collection this month.

If you can’t bring your friends to a spooky forest, just bring the spooky forest to your friends! And whilst you’re at it, protect yourself with this delightful critter around your neck.

And look at this cute little guy! He may not be the scariest, but he’s trying his best! Invite him to the party and introduce him to your friends so he can keep you calm during the scary movie.

And finally (sorry Steve):

Amooose you?! by Steve Shaw, £850 (£85/month) at Dart Gallery

This is a contribution from the author of this post because she has an irrational fear of cows. Yes, they may be the most docile and gentle land manatees that have literally never caused any harm or real threat to said author, but their eyes can see all your secrets and they’re not afraid to use them against you…probably.

Hole in Heart Bat Necklace by Momocreatura, £174 (£17.40/month) – Polkadot Gallery
Startled Artist 19 NSFW 1 by Mike Edwards, £1,480 (£148/month) – Enter Gallery
Angel Ghost in Wintergreen Garden, 2021 by Adam Handler at D’Stassi Art
Skull with crown 2 by Alex Arnell, £220 (£22/month) at Degree Art
There Was No Sound But The Fall Of A Leaf by Stanley Donwood, £150 (£15/month) at Jealous Gallery
Human by Dan Baldwin, £495 (£49.50/month) at Enter Gallery
Man #1 by Simona Barreca, £767.51 (£76.75/month) at Rise Art
Cat Woman Screenprint by Shuby, £120 (£12/month) at Paxton Glew
Death of Love #2 by Katsutoshi Yuasa, £1,200 (£120/month) at TAG Fine Art
Amooose you?! by Steve Shaw, £850 (£85/month) at Dart Gallery

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Buying a spooky piece of art or craft on the Own Art scheme is the one thing that won’t make you jump this Halloween!