by The New Ashgate Gallery | Farnham
Date of event: 06/07/24 - 07/09/24

‘UNASHAMED’ is a profound exploration into the human experience through the medium of hand-built ceramics. At its core lies the narratives of individuals, both unique and universal, whose stories serve as the inspiration for each meticulously crafted piece.

Throughout the creative process, Su seeks to foster physical and emotional exchanges, responding intuitively to the materials and the underlying narrative. Each ceramic form is imbued with layers of meaning and texture, inviting viewers to engage in contemplation and individual interpretation.

Expression is pursued through a variety of stoneware clays, including porcelain, black, and crank, each chosen for its unique qualities. These clays are manipulated using slab and direct modelling techniques, with marks and textures impressed upon them to evoke a sense of raw authenticity.

As the collection takes shape, Su draws inspiration from earthy hues, employing slips, engobes, oxides, and glazes to enhance the surfaces and imbue them with depth and character. The culmination of these elements promises to evoke a sense of connection and resonance, inviting viewers to explore the nuances of human emotion and experience.