The Glorious Light of the West – a solo exhibition by Jolomo

by The Glasgow Gallery | Glasgow

The Glorious Light of the West will be Jolomo’s largest exhibition this year. With 50 fresh, new works, this will be the first time they have been exhibited since being painted earlier this year.

Each painting captures the stunning scenery of the West coast of Scotland where Jolomo draws so much of his inspiration. His fondness of Argyll and his fascination with the light of this area began when he was a young boy.  Becoming the central focus of his work and the place he’s called home for over 50 years, John said: “I always remember my dad saying he loved the light of Argyll and that’s always stuck with me as a painter.”

With a deep love for a stormy day and endless opportunities for inspiration in the recently months, many of the paintings in this exhibition are stormy ones. He has perfectly captured how the light and colour changes in different weather and the ever-changing scenes.