The Winter Exhibition at The Biscuit Factory

by The Biscuit Factory | NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE
Date of event: 14/11/20 - 21/02/21

This season we’re embracing the artists with whom we’ve worked most closely with over the years and our regular gallery clients will recognise and enjoy.

The Winter season is headlined by Glasgow School of Art and The Royal College of Art London graduate, Deborah Grice.

Deborah’s oil paintings can be thought of traditional in a manner, however, with the introduction of geometric lines her work has a modern twist to it.

The use of geometric lines was introduced as a visual device in 2008 when Deborah gained her Private Pilot’s License. Through the use of navigational charts for cross-country flights she became interested in making the invisible, visible. After a decade of assimilating ideas and thoughts, the lines have also begun alluding to aspects of ‘vision’: perception, meditation, escapism and the physicality of looking.

The show will also feature Newcastle-based artists Malcolm Teasdale and Anthony Marshall who each bring distinct interpretations of our region to the canvas; Malcolm's oil paintings representing the industrial heritage of our Northern cities, whilst Anthony's vibrant and expressive works focus on the contemporary North East from city to coast. Portrait artist Peter Hallam, hailing from Nottinghamshire, returns with a new series of colourful characters, each inspired by people he encounters, whether person acquaintances or passing figures who capture his imagination. Other artist featured this winter include: Basia Roszack Phil McLoughlin Janine Burrows Mike Hall Simon M Smith Selby Hurst Inglefield