Theriotypes and Folk Tales by Amanda Crump and The Secret Postcard Show

by Cupola Gallery | Sheffield
Date of event: 26/08/23 - 30/09/23

Theriotypes and Folk Tales by Amanda Crump – Main Gallery

The Secret Postcard Show – Long Gallery

Exhibition dates: 25 August – 30 September

Venue: Cupola Gallery 174-178a Middlewood Road, Sheffield S6 1TD

Opening times: Monday – Saturday 10-6pm

Tel: 0114 2852665

Amanda Crump makes ceramic sculptures.  Her sculptures usually feature highly realised depictions of animals we know and love, both domestic and wild and occasionally extinct, decorated with or dressed in realistic looking textiles patterning / clothes.  The result is both engaging and, at times, unnerving.

“We often anthropomorphise the creatures with which we share our world. There are many lessons to be learned from an animal’s innate sense of dignity and pride that we, as humans, can often lose at an early age.”  Amanda Crump

Amanda’s creatures have an inscrutability about them, sometimes unsettling and dark, sometimes genial and warm.  The artist questions the way we treat the creatures we share our world with – using them as symbols of legends and folk tales, attributing blame for things we don’t understand about our world or, even demeaning and anthropomorphising them in the name of love.

The Secret Postcard Show – is back!

“During 2020 at the height of the pandemic, Cupola held it’s first secret postcard show, which proved so popular that we have decided to host another. It is a fundraising event and this year proceeds are split 50/50 with Cupola and International Disaster relief charities.”

Karen Sherwood, founder & director.


For those unaware of the concept, it is very simple.  Artists, professional or amateur, adults or children are invited to create a postcard sized original artwork in any media.  Each artist may submit up to 10 entries. Once completed the artist adds all their contact details and signature to the back of the artwork only. Then these works are kindly donated to the gallery.  Every postcard is displayed anonymously and all are priced at £15 each irrespective of who has made it. You only get to discover the author of the postcard after it has been purchased, hence the secret.


“Abstract & figurative painting in every imaginable style and subject, (oil, water colour, acrylic, ink, etc), printmaking, collage, photography, mixed media, drawings, sculpture. textiles, ceramic and wood have arrived this year. We cannot wait to share all the various postcards with you.


This year Cupola is delighted to have received postcards from all over the world as well as from across the UK and locally.  Work has arrived from New York, Taiwan, Australia, Republic of Ireland, Turkey, and Barcelona this year!


This is a chance to support the gallery and deserving charities and grab a very accessibly priced original artwork to enjoy. Visitors may also find new artists to follow and support too.  I hope it is a win/win situation. The gallery has reached its 32nd year of trading and we intend to keep supporting artist through exhibitions and sales for many more years to come.”

Karen Sherwood, Founder, Director and curator.