Timeless Places

by Northern Lights Gallery | Keswick
Date of event: 06/05/22 - 05/06/22
Artist: Trevor Craggs

Trevor Craggs graduated from Newcastle Art School in the late seventies.  After a 20-year career as a graphic designer/illustrator, he returned to university to study Fine Art, gaining a BA Hons. Six years of study freed him from tight illustration to becoming a semi-abstract painter and sculptor.

His paintings are rooted in landscape.  Those that evolve over hours, sometimes days, often represent the passage of time.  He seeks to convey the emotion of being in landscape.  He likes to recall atmospheric encounters in changing light and weather, seasons, and places. As he often says – “I do like a drama!”


The sky has always been the major element in Trevor’s paintings.  Often the first consideration when planning the composition.  The direction of flooding the landscape, dictating the mood.  Be it sunlight or moonlight it is an intrinsic element.

Oil paint has become Trevor’s medium of choice.  Its visceral fluid consistency tamed and controlled with an alchemy of linseed oil and pure turpentine.  Brushes on the large side and wood handled pallet knives, these are a few of his favourite things.

“I have visited the lakes my whole life.  With so many memories of favourite walks and vistas this new exhibition aims to celebrate that shared experience felt by us all.  The pleasure of pulling on a strong pair of boots and trusty jacket and just getting out there.”