by Anima Mundi | St Ives
Date of event: 15/06/19 - 19/07/19
Artist: Trevor Bell

It is our honour to present Trans-form, the final exhibition supervised by Trevor Bell before he sadly passed away in November 2017.

The core of the exhibition, first shown at Peninsula Arts in partnership with The Box, Plymouth in 2018, is a group of important, monumental paintings made from the early 1990’s up to a selection of his final key works. In this exhibition Bell’s unique paintings provided the impetus for a transcendent sound score composed by multi-instrumentalist Jamie Mills. This and the elemental energy of Bell’s work had then been used as the source inspiration for a new contemporary dance work co-choreographed and performed by Sarah Fairhall and Lois Taylor.

His final body of work ‘Beyond the Edge’ was exhibited at Anima Mundi in 2016. Key paintings from this period are included in this exhibition. They represent clearly Trevor’s intention for his expression to be read beyond the object itself, for the space around the work to become active. The period that preceded the making of his final paintings was also marked by his collaboration with the choreographer Rodger Belman in the USA. Belman had responded to a series of Trevor’s drawings, which became choreographic studies for a series of performances in Florida. For Trevor this was exciting. His works as conduit. Literal borders breached once more.

Initial discussions around this exhibition began at the same time. It was natural therefore that this exhibition continued the work that had been started. The conceived project became an exciting one, to take key and favoured paintings from the studio, where transference of energy was intrinsic and allow them to serve as conduit for further forms of expression. To allow the spirit of, and in, the work to go beyond the edge. To transform – trans-form.

To enquire about available works please contact: or +44 (0)1736 793121 For press images, artist interview requests and more information contact: Amanda Forde (Press & PR) / +44 (0)1736 793121