Under The Bed Sale 2023

by Cupola Gallery | Sheffield
Date of event: 14/01/23 - 04/02/23

Under The Bed Sale 2023

“The Under The Bed Sale is without question the most eagerly awaited event in Cupola’s exhibition Calendar. We do joke that should we cancel it, there may well be a ‘riot’!”, Karen Sherwood, Director.

Every year artists and art lovers unite in their delight of Cupola’s Under The Bed Sale. A concept which allows artists to route out from storage no longer loved or early artworks that they would not exhibit and sell them off at bargain prices. As prices start at under £1 and are capped at £350, art lovers get the chance to find original art works for absolutely bargain prices. And who doesn’t love a bargain?

The concept originated many years ago when the gallery owner, Karen, visited an artist friend, Lyn Hodnett, who proceeded to pull out a load of original art work quite literally from under her bed. She was showing it as examples of older and early works. When asked if she would exhibit it, she said no as they were out of date and no longer relevant. However, when asked if she would sell them, she answered enthusiastically in the affirmative! Therein lay the problem, how on earth could she sell them if she didn’t want to show them? So after a bit of discussion, between them, they came up with the concept of The Under The Bed Sale. And it has been a riot ever since!

“Artwork for the sale is totally unselected and open to all. The sale is open to amateurs and professionals across all media. The youngest contributor we’ve had to date was 8 years old and the eldest, we know of, was 97 years”.

Unlike a traditional sale we do not reduce the price of works on display in the gallery, as we don’t own them. All Under The Bed Sale items are sent or delivered just for the sale. Therefore, the items on show may not have ever been on display either in the gallery or elsewhere. The sale was once described by a visitor as a ‘salon jumble sale’ and I think that is a fair description.

The sale is only on for three weeks and when it’s gone, it’s gone. So, come and enjoy a good old rummage and see if you can find a bargain priced treasure!” Karen Sherwood, Director.

Painting, printmaking, sculpture, photography, glass, ceramics, textiles, jewellery, experiments, slight seconds, sketchbook works, drawings, collage, cards, digital artwork and objects that defy description. All will be on show and for sale.