‘Watching’ – Tang Chenghua’s Solo Exhibition

by ArtChina UK | Cambridge
Date of event: 27/09/20 - 05/01/21
Artist: Tang Chenghua

The exhibition title “Watching” is Tang’s reflection on the present situation in our world. With humans facing the new virus which is causing chaos in our world. Humans good nature of “watching and helping each other” has become second nature for most people, and the fundamental support for “Watching” must be the expectation and yearning for a happy and beautiful future.

The new series painting ‘Blossoming Apricot Tree’, is the focus piece for this exhibition.  “When we see apricot flowers in early spring, we should not forget the Bible’s revelation that the apricot tree, as a tree of vigilance and watchfulness, heralds the coming of spring and the revival of all things. God is in charge of the universe, and his promises are unchangeable and never delayed” Tang said this is where he takes inspiration from for the new paintings. ‘Every collision will make you unforgettable, will let your endeavour rise again at the moment when your encouragement is about to disappear. Each time, the failures and setbacks experienced in this situation create a context of real experience that cannot be obtained by painting.’ Tang added.