What is Own Art?

Own Art is a national initiative that makes buying contemporary art and craft affordable by providing interest-free credit for the purchase of original work.
Own Art reduces the financial barriers and perceptions of elitism that commonly exist within the art market, by making it easier and more affordable for people to purchase and enjoy original art and craft, regardless of their income and socio-economic background.
Since 2004, the scheme has enabled more than 78,000 customers to get access to the art they love. Delivered through a network of over 300 galleries across England, Scotland and Northern Ireland, Own Art has so far supported £70million of sales of contemporary art and craft to UK customers.

Why join the Own Art Network?

Supporting the Creative Economy

Own Art supports the UK’s creative economy by encouraging increased sales of work by living artists. Working in partnership with our diverse network of member galleries, we are helping to build the UK market for contemporary art and craft.

Engaging new Audiences

We help galleries to engage new audiences, broaden their customer base and generate incremental sales revenues for the benefit of the sector as a whole.

Enhanced benefits

By becoming members of the scheme, galleries can enjoy a range of enhanced benefits and services to support their businesses, delivered by Creative United and a network of associate partners.

Find out more about our network and how to apply

In order to become part of the UK’s largest membership body for the contemporary art and craft sector.

Applying for Own Art is easy and only takes 10 minutes! Check our step-by-step guide to start collecting and explore galleries in your area to search for the kind of work you are most interested in.

Keep up-to-date

Do not forget to keep up-to-date with the latest news from the Own Art team and member galleries and subscribe to our newsletter to receive regular updates about the scheme and the contemporary art market.