Winter Exhibition 2024

by The Glasgow Gallery | Glasgow
Date of event: 24/01/24 - 24/02/24

The Winter Exhibition is a wonderful collection showcasing six artists whose work explores Scottish landscapes, seascapes and skyscapes.
Featuring over thirty pieces, created by the talented artists; Moy Mackay, Charles Randak, Katy Sawrey, Philip Raskin, Erraid Gaskell and David Gardner. The exhibition celebrates a variety in styles, from abstract painting on canvas to stitched textiles. It offers an exciting range and use of materials showcasing the diverse interpretations of scenes across Scotland.

Katy Sawrey and Erraid Gaskell are best known for their abstract interpretations of landscapes.Katy applies multiple layers of thinned acrylic paint to capture the light as it reflects off of hillsides and rivers. These geometric shapes merge together into gentle scenery.
Erraid incorporates memories and dreams into fieldscapes creating colourful, almost weightless locations. Erraid’s work embodies the many places she has lived and travelled to around the globe including Bangladesh and Australia.
David Gardner works with oil to delicately paint treasured scenes from and around his home. Similarly to Erraid, his work is influenced by his travels. He merges Japanese elements of painting with his own, historically Scottish, artistic influences.
Award winning artist Moy Mackay is known for her vibrant ‘felt paintings’ where fibres imitate brushstrokes. Moy’s unusual method of working puts emphasis on her bold colour palette and gives a beautiful texture to her pieces.
Texture can be seen in both Moy and Philip Raskin’s work.  Philip thickly applies acrylic paint to give movement to the swells. He uses texture to perfectly capture the ever-changing light as it interacts with turbulent tides. Choosing isolated and natural locations, particularly the Hebridean archipelago, Philip’s paintings take us on a voyage to seemingly undiscovered places.
Charles Randak’s work focuses on capturing calming locations where he frequently travels to recharge. His style is direct with freeing brushstrokes & knife-work. These almost panoramic, oil paintings transport us to some of his favourite spots across the islands leaving us feeling refreshed.
This will be Charles’ first exhibition with The Glasgow Gallery since joining in September 2023.