‘Wool Works’

by Craft NI Gallery | Belfast
Date of event: 07/07/22 - 05/08/22

CRAFT NI are delighted to welcome you to their upcoming event – ‘Wool Works’, an exhibition of contemporary textile design.

Co. Down textile expert professor Jane McCann is behind this innovative exhibition bringing together Welsh, Finnish and Northern Irish textile artists, who have been working together since 2001.

Traditional made Modern

The theme of the exhibition is wool and the way traditional motifs and techniques can be reinterpreted in a contemporary setting, embracing links between the cultural heritages of Wales, Ireland and Finland. The exhibits include unique hand-woven tapestries, woollen blankets, framed textile art, one-of-a-kind accessories and garments such as Irish style workwear jackets or house coats (with some of these unique pieces available for sale), and highlight techniques such as felting, free stitching, digital embroidery, knitting, hand weaving and plant dying.

Participating makers have used sustainable materials such as Cambrian and Finnish wool, indigo dyed Merino wool, Irish bainin tweed and Donegal yarns in the works. Professor McCann is passionate about the potential of wool and an advocate of its increasing use in the textile industry. She believes that this unique material deserves to be celebrated and highlighted alongside linen and other sustainable textiles.

The exhibition will be supported by valuable workshops and demos led by the exhibiting artists which encourage participation from the public. Also, an exhibition highlight will be our Textile talk and brunch on July 30th with Chris Weiniger, general manager of Donegal Yarns woollen mill who will talk about Ireland’s rich wool heritage, as well as Finnish textile artist and weaver Niina Hiltunen who will talk about the importance of craft within communities and also do a weaving demonstration for the audience using a portable loom.

Exhibiting artists: Sue Shields, Mandy Nash, Lynda Shell, Elspeth Thomas, Alison Moger, Jane McCann, Sirpa Mörsky, Susan Smith, Claire Cawte, Alison Taylor; local collaborator: Cecilia Stephens.

The schedule for supporting talks and specialist craft workshops can be found at under the ‘What’s on’ page.