All Things Connect & Recovering Ground

by Resipole Studios Fine Art Gallery | Acharacle
Date of event: 24/10/21 - 03/12/21

In the main gallery space, All Things Connect is a group exhibition which brings together 11 different artists, including ceramicist Lotte Glob, painter Andrew Squire, glass artist Ise Stumpff and conceptual artist Richard Bracken, to name but a few. Each of the invited artists have strong environmental themes running through their work and were invited by the gallery to contribute pieces that explore and celebrate the interconnectedness of life on Earth.

In the upper gallery space, Recovering Ground is a collaboration between west of Scotland based sculptor Lucy Gray and writer Leonie Charlton. Over the past two years, in their joint practice, they have explored connection to landscape through visual, kinaesthetic and poetic languages which echoes the multi-sensorial experience of place. The work on display combines sculpture and poetry which has been created in response to being present in the landscape of the west coast of Scotland.