Amanda Popham – The 2020 Collection

by Steam Gallery | Seaton
Date of event: 07/11/20 - 20/11/20
Artist: Amanda Popham

We sometimes wonder if Amanda Popham’s fertile imagination will ever dry up. But as this vibrant 2020 collection of 60 pieces forcibly illustrates, Amanda’s unique style is constantly evolving and her instantly recognisable pieces are always permeated with a natural spontaneity.

Exploring new ideas which are poignant, challenging, amusing, thought provoking and with a greater colour intensity, these new one-off signature pieces are like many of Amanda’s works fun, humorous, and imbued with a touch of love.

Contact the gallery on 01297 625144 for an invite to the launch day on Saturday 7 November, when Amanda Popham will be presentMost pieces will be available to view online from mid- October, however nothing can surpass the impact and sheer joy of seeing the entire exhibition which will be open daily from 10am – 5pm at Steam Gallery. Appropriate Covid measures are in place in the gallery.