Andrew Sinclair | Contrasts

by Resipole Studios Fine Art Gallery | Acharacle
Date of event: 02/04/21 - 21/05/21
Artist: Andrew Sinclair

Resipole Studios Fine Art Gallery is delighted to present ‘Contrasts’, an exhibition of new works by west coast of Scotland based painter Andrew Sinclair. Marking the artist’s first ever solo show at the gallery, this exhibition brings together a body of work created during the winter and spring of 2021. Inspired by the history, landscape and traditions of the west Highlands – the contrast of old and new – the paintings on display include depictions of antique books of the Highlands and Islands, delicate china teacups, local landscapes, and intimate figurative works of those closest to him.

Working solely in oils, in the manner of ‘chiaroscuro’ style, Andrew uses bold contrasting tones to recreate the subjects he paints. ‘Using strong lighting on the subject assists in capturing the form and creating a dynamic solid composition. Through subtle narratives within the painting, an interaction develops between the viewer and the subjects portrayed.’ His distinctive palette, juxtaposed with the interplay of shadow and light, conjures a unique and individual style.