ArtRabbit & Own Art Partner Up

…And we couldn’t be hoppier!

That’s enough of the rabbit puns. Nobunny’s going to laugh.

ArtRabbit is a unique platform for international contemporary art exhibitions and events. With their website, you can discover art events and exhibitions near you and connect with their creative network of artists, gallerists, curators, and art lovers!

We wanted to find out a bit more about our new partners, so we hopped at the chance to ask them a few questions.

How did the idea of ArtRabbit come to life?

Tom (Elsner) started off ArtRabbit as a side project way back in 2006. ArtRabbit started with a love for contemporary art and a clear necessity for a practical guide to contemporary art openings. There were listing sites and publications that would provide information on all the big shows at Tate or the Barbican, but London is constantly filled with so many small independent spaces that are just as interesting and deserving of attention as the big ones. In 2014, ArtRabbit was relaunched, with a redesigned logo and global reach. Now we’ve covered events around the world, small and large, from Los Angeles to Singapore. 

I have to also ask, how you came up with the name ArtRabbit?

The words “art rabbit” came up in a conversation about myriad voices and fast-spreading phenomena, and we immediately loved it: it was fun and playful, evoking the idea of hopping from one art event to the next, creating your own art trails through the wilderness of the art world. Plus, there’s a lot of famous rabbits in art history that gave us a vote of confidence in the name. Some of our favourites can be found here:

Give us a quick hypothetical tour of the site

There are a few sections that are popular and useful to different demographics. Let’s start with your typical art lover, looking to fill their weekend with fun, artistic plans. They’d hop onto the website, type in their preferred date and location, and ArtRabbit will tell them about all the shows that fit their criteria. They can then browse through the listed events and save the ones they’re interested in. They can even share the event via social media or email, especially if they want to invite a friend to the event in question. They can also do this via the ArtRabbit app, which is handy for planning your weekend or night while you’re on the go, or if you’re looking to do something right this moment. The app tells you all the events that are nearby, so it’s the perfect companion for gallery hopping. 

The website also has features and reviews about exhibitions and events to read, and our ArtOpps page is incredibly popular for our hand-selected list of quality opportunities. And for those who don’t know where to go, the app has featured lists of editorially selected exhibitions to see. 

“…it’s the perfect companion for gallery hopping.”

What is the most useful tool that the platform offers, do you think?

All of them! No, but seriously, it does depend on the individual using it. For those working in the city centre who want to kill some time during their lunch break by seeing some art, the map function on the App is perfect for finding exhibitions near you. For anyone who wants to plan out their week with cultural activities, our search tools allow you to see all the upcoming and current events for specific dates and places. On the side of cultural organisations or art/cultural practitioners, we offer loads of support from boosting events to helping sell tickets, to promoting your art opportunities.  

Are there any exciting ideas or new developments on the radar for ArtRabbit in the near future?

Lots! In concrete terms, we’re definitely hoping to populate even more cities with art events, so that no matter where you go, you can find quality contemporary art. We’re also constantly looking at ways to improve the app with new updates, growing our ArtRabbit for Business section, and quite possibly a newsletter dedicated to professionals. And that’s just a tiny glimpse into what’s to come, so stay tuned!

What have you got to offer for our Own Art members now that we’re partners?

Own Art members get 10% off our expert services, on everything from Memberships to bespoke campaigns, as well as one-off services. We’re experts on everything digital and everything content, and we have a huge audience base of those eager to seek out art. When you hire us on to get the word out about your exhibition or to give you media coverage of your event, you reap the rewards of our years of experience and expertise.


  • 10% off ArtRabbit for Business membership to all Own Art members. ArtRabbit reserves the right to decline an application from an Own Art gallery which does not meet the Terms and Conditions of membership or does not pass the assessment for membership of the ArtRabbit for Business membership scheme.
  • 10% off all other services offered by ArtRabbit

Have a browse of what ArtRabbit has to offer here.